Haunted House 1 Classic Adventure Game for PSION Devices

All Commands And Important Objects in Alphabetical Order

Playing the game years after I wrote it I found out that it sometimes can be very frustrating to read the "Nothing to xyz..." message as response to a wrong command.

To avoid the situation that for this reason the player gives up to early, I now publish the essential commands. Hope this encourages you to carry on playing Haunted House 1 Classic adventure.


commands ("verbs"):

beat burn call carry change clean climb close drink drop eat end enter escape examine exit fill fix get give go have help hit i inventory kick knock leave let light look move open order play plug pour present press pull punch push put insert quit read replace restore run save search see shake show spend spray strike swing switch take taste tie touch turn unlock use wait walk wear wipe

objects ("nouns"):

In case you got stuck: these objects are a must have to finish the game. If you miss one, you can't complete it. So this list might be helpful:

bellrope bottle box bucket candle code corkscrew fuses gem glass hat key knife matches notebook painting rag rope wine

These objects are more or less involved in solving the game, but you can't take them away:

bellrope blossom box carpet cupboard door drawer flower fusebox hook painting sculpture switch table trapdoor valve water

Complete Solution

The adventure story is told within the game. This is the pure solution.

Part 1 - Managing 1st Floor Stuff

At first - take whatever you can get, you'll need it later: (hint: you can use "get" instead of "take")

  • Servants' Quarters: - take candle - take matches - take fuses
  • Bathroom: - take notebook
  • Left Corridor: - take hat
  • Dining Room: - open box - take key
  • Laundry Room: - take bucket - take rag
  • Kitchen: - open cupboard - take glass - open drawer - take corkscrew

Now perform some action:

  • Kitchen: - open fusebox - replace fuses - switch switch
  • Cellar: - take bottle
  • Furnace Room: - close valve (stops water flow in Laundry Room)
  • Laundry Room: - wipe water
  • Library: - take rope

Part 2 - Get down folded stairs

Perhaps you didn't manage to get down the folded stairs room Stairway 1st Floor? Ok - this is the right way ...

  • Goto: Smoking Room: - pull bellrope

Part 3 - Avoiding traps

Ok, you probably made it to Stairway 2nd Floor but passed away by running into a deadly trap? Beware! There is more of it.

Remember? You pulled the bellrope in Smoking Room and the folded stairs (Stairway 1st Floor) came down to earth ... This happens next:

  • Stairway 2nd Floor (or any place at 1st floor level): - wear hat
  • Ballroom: - take knife
  • Master Bedroom: - pull carpet - tie rope to hook - open trapdoor
  • Go down by arrow key to:
  • Secret Room: - light candle - take gem
  • Leave this room by up arrow key.

Part 4 - A code & wasting some time

Upper Corridor: While trying to open the door to the left you are asked for a code. So before opening the door look after the code

  • open notebook - read code - open door (enter code) (Good to know: The code is different whenever you start a new game)

Well, another gem is hidden here, but you can't see it and you are recommended to relax and have a break. It's not a matter of suspending the game for a while but you are indirectely asked to drink a glass of wine (to simulate elapsing time):

  • Art Gallery: - open wine - pour wine to glass - drink wine

Part 5 - The great finale

After solving the problem of time wasting things now work out easily ...

  • Art Gallery: - take gem
  • Landing: - open door
  • Attic: - put gem (2 times!)

You made it! See what happens, if you leave the house now!

Enjoy .... and thanks for playing Haunted House!